Play Your Way Sane: 120 Improv-inspired Exercises To Help You Calm Down, Stop Spiraling And Embrace Uncertainty

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Stop negative thoughts, assuage anxiety, and live in the moment with these fun, easy games from improv expert Clay Drinko.

If you’ve been feeling lost lately, you’re not alone! Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans were experiencing record levels of loneliness and anxiety. And in our current political turmoil, it’s safe to say that people are looking for new tools to help them feel more present, positive, and in sync with the world. So what better way to get there than play?

In Play Your Way Sane, Dr. Clay Drinko offers 120 low-key, accessible activities that draw on the popular principles of improv comedy to help you tackle your everyday stress and reconnect with the people around you. Divided into twelve fun sections, including “Killing Debbie Downer” and “Thou Shalt Not Be Judgy,” the games emphasize openness, reciprocation, and active listening as the keys to a mindful and satisfying life. Whether you’re looking to improve your personal relationships, find new meaning at work, or just survive our trying times, Play Your Way Sane offers serious self-help with a side of Second City sass.


  • 001 Play Your Way Sane Open

    Duración: 22s
  • 002 Play Your Way Sane Introduction

    Duración: 19min
  • 003 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 1 Setting the Stage

    Duración: 24min
  • 004 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 2 Calm the Hell Down

    Duración: 15min
  • 005 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 3 Finding the Game

    Duración: 19min
  • 006 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 4 Killing Debbie Downer - Getting and Staying Positive

    Duración: 28min
  • 007 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 5 Thou Shalt Not Be Judgy

    Duración: 17min
  • 008 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 6 World of Geniuses

    Duración: 18min
  • 009 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 7 Your Mom Was Wrong - You Arent Special

    Duración: 25min
  • 010 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 8 Shut Up and Listen

    Duración: 15min
  • 011 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 9 Yaaas

    Duración: 18min
  • 012 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 10 And What

    Duración: 26min
  • 013 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 11 Sucking and Loving It - Embracing Mistakes

    Duración: 22min
  • 014 Play Your Way Sane Lesson 12 Shit in the Middle of the Floor - Making Big Choices

    Duración: 16min
  • 015 Play Your Way Sane Afterword

    Duración: 07min
  • 016 Play Your Way Sane Credits

    Duración: 40s