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17: Top 5 Wedding Movies, and How They Relate to Real Weddings



This week, Megan brings on her husband Jason Gillikin, and they discuss the Top 5 Wedding Movies of All Time, and how they relate to real weddings that Megan has worked.   Top movie candidates include: Wedding Crashers My Big Fat Greek Wedding (fun fact, produced by Tom Hanks!) Meet the Parents 27 Dresses Bridesmaids (with the dreamy Jon Hamm) The Princess Bride Father of the Bride The Wedding Planner (with its 15% Rotten Tomatoes score!) My Best Friend's Wedding The Wedding Singer Tune in to find out which is our #1 wedding movie of all time.   When he's not watching movies or becoming super famous because of his podcast appearance, Jason Gillikin works in online marketing and podcast production.   Weddings for Real on Social Media: Instagram: @weddingsforreal Facebook: @weddingsforreal twitter: @weddingsforreal   Music for this episode by The host of the show is Megan Gillikin, owner and lead consultant at A Southern Soiree Wedding and Event Planning.  She's also availab