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3: EP003 - Off My Chest Podcast



On this episode of the Off My Chest Podcast. The guys talk and give thanks to R. Lee Ermy and touch briefly on his passing. Thank you for you service R. Lee Ermy. SEMPER FI and R.I.P. We talk about Ronda Rousey and her performance in Wrestle-mania. Get into a little bit about Hulk Hogan and the relationship with Andre the Giant. On the same wrestling note. We find out about Alex’s trivia competition on wrestling and what’s happening with that. Bill Cosby got **CONVICTED**. We talk about it. Another sad death to come to our attention. Verne Troyer. We talk about movies that we have been watching and movies that we love from our childhoods and past. Also come to find out if you give Alex Vodka and Pineapple…he doesn’t do too well. Then we finish out with some more sports. Talking about the 2018 NFL Draft and our beloved Kansas City Chiefs. So sit back. Grab a beer and join the guys in some "Beers, Sports, and Other Bullshi*t" Thanks again for listening. Don't forget you can write us at **om