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Just two guys chatting about stuff and reviewing beer.


  • The Growlers 1.4 The One with the Awful Beer


    We are back again!  This time we review TWO beers and talk about our interest in games and gaming. And wait as you can actually hear the pain in our voices as we try to tell you about a beer that not even its mother could love. [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/thegrowlers/The_Growlers_1.4_The_One_with_the_Awful_Beer.m4a ] Advertisements

  • Episode 1.2 is out!


    Episode 1.2 is in the can and uploaded!  In this episode we struggle to figure out the problems in America and start with income inequality.  This time we also have our beer and its a good one – Dogfish Head’s Palo Santo Maron. So grab a cold one and imbibe in a little Growlers! Episode […]

  • Episode 1.0 is finally here! Well sorta.


    Our first, no second, well first official podcast is here! We recorded it a month ago, but did not have beer present in both of houses. Then John had to go and give up beer for Lent. Then I got busy. Yeah, Yeah, life goes on. So here it is. Episode 1.0 The One Without […]