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The pulpit ministry of Christ Church PCA in Katy, TX (Houston) 970125


  • Divine Wisdom and Divine Authority

    Divine Wisdom and Divine Authority

  • Deliverance from Affliction

    Deliverance from Affliction


    Affliction has a way of focusing the mind of the believer. It brings us to an end of ourselves because it makes (painfully) clear that we are not able to save ourselves.

  • The Exodus

    The Exodus


    The Israelites start their exodus from Egypt

  • Comfort in Affliction

    Comfort in Affliction


    Paul focused his heart and mind on the greatness of God, on the knowledge that God is “the Father of mercies and God of all comfort.”

  • Life from Death

    Life from Death


    For all who trust in Jesus, eternal life in Christ awaits

  • The Kings Triumphal Entry

    The King's Triumphal Entry


    This Sunday is often referred to as “Palm Sunday.” It has that name to remind us of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on the Sunday before His crucifixion when some in the city cut branches from trees and spread them on the road (Mt 21:8; John 12:13).

  • God of Salvation

    God of Salvation


    The great truth of the Bible

  • The Lord is Our Strength

    The Lord is Our Strength


    At those times, we are faced with a choice: to be consumed by fear or to trust the Lord. Psalm 46 is a testimony as to how the believer can trust the Lord during trials and struggles.

  • What the Lord Requires

    What the Lord Requires


    The Lord brings a case against His people because they have walked away from Him. The indictment is not for gross atheism or complete unbelief; instead, it is because Judah has grown bored with God. They don’t see God as relevant and important anymore.

  • The Lords Passover

    The Lord's Passover


    Moses gives the Israelites instructions from God about the Passover.

  • Ruler and Remnant

    Ruler and Remnant


    Micah gives us a clear message of hope. He provides us with a picture of the one who will put all things right and who will establish God’s kingdom forever

  • Learning from a Fig Tree

    Learning from a Fig Tree


    The connection between the cursing of the fig tree and the cleansing of the temple in this text is that they both point to God’s judgment upon Israel.

  • Rescued by God

    Rescued by God


    God’s grace comes in ways that surprise us. God’s grace comes in places, and at times that surprise us.

  • The Triumphal Entry

    The Triumphal Entry


    Christ is heralded by the crowds in Jerusalem. As they sing praise to God, they are either knowingly, or in most cases, unknowingly, proclaiming Christ as King and Messiah.

  • The Mountain of the Lord

    The Mountain of the Lord


    Sometimes the prophets in Israel be hard to hear because their message is often one of rebuke and judgment. But we should never forget that the Lord sends warnings through the prophets because of His love for His people.

  • Our Lords Gracious Invitation Part 2

    Our Lord's Gracious Invitation Part 2

  • The Power and Danger of the Tongue

    The Power and Danger of the Tongue


    The book of James is filled with many practical guidelines and directions for the Christian life. One area that James deals with quite extensively is how we use our tongues.

  • The Death of the Firstborn

    The Death of the Firstborn


    In Exodus 11, we see the Lord preparing His final plague against the Egyptians.

  • Our Lords Gracious Invitation Part 1

    Our Lord's Gracious Invitation Part 1

  • Corruption and Calamity

    Corruption and Calamity


    The Lord calls out the corruption of the leaders and their hypocrisy. He threatens them with judgment for their actions and disregard of His law.

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