Keto Diet: Cure For Weight Loss And Degenerative Diseases

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Advanced health information for ketogenic dieters you cannot afford to miss out on!
During the course of my life, I have found the ketogenic diet to be useful and insightful. But so many additional resources and medical facts are missing. This is one of the primary reasons why I have decided to enlighten listeners with specific pieces of knowledge about low-carb fasting and the use of certain foods. I have included chapters that address some of the following important questions:
How do you track your progress when you are on a ketogenic diet?
What are the consequences for cancer and other diseases?
Should your focus be on counting calories?
Are all grains bad? And if not, which ones are and which ones are not?
Is it advisable for children to participate in a ketogenic lifestyle?
What are the effects of processed sugar?
What causes inflammation in the human body, and how can it be prevented?
Which benefits are there in intermittent fasting?
Should one pay particular attention to certain ketogenic-friendly foods when going to a restaurant?
These and other issues will be the core of this science-based, well-outlined audiobook about the ketogenic diet. It is my hope that you will learn as much as I have in my time period of research and that you will be encouraged and educated about making more intelligent decisions related to your nutritional behavior.
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