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Get ready for explosions, intrigue, scandalous acts, sex that might blow your mind. While being tracked by a well-known Manhattan investigator, Benjamin Holder won't stop at anything until he finds his daughter. After being imprisoned for fifteen years, he finds himself in some financial distress struggling to up his cash flow. With Detective Matthew Raegan closing in on him at every turn, he uses the ultimate weapon he designed (while in prison) to help squelch many controversial injustices within the community. Benjamin Holder sought out the brother of an MS-13 syndicate to utilize his company's resources--and improve upon his weapon innovation. With modern technology streamlining his effectiveness, his entire world gets flipped upside down as every faction is out to stop him in this nonstop thrill-ride. You must ask yourself, will Benjamin Holder ever get to meet his daughter? Watch out for ".Wav File" coming to an electronic device near you... run!