Happy Endings: The Tales Of A Meaty-breasted Zilch

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Jim Norton is a pervert in the truest sense of the word. The physical equivalent of a tall slug, he pays top dollar for massages with happy endings, and is fascinated by shitty sitcoms and fat girls. He is also, at times, racially offensive and morally repugnant. He spares no one in his comedy -- least of all himself.

Now, in this outrageous, blisteringly funny collection of essays, Norton tackles the topics that are near and dear to his heart: From public events like the legendary Voyeur Bus incident on the Opie and Anthony Show, which culminated in all involved being taken to jail, or seeking a hug from his childhood idol Gene Simmons, to deeply private moments, including a teenage Jim's embarrassing poetry-writing attempts while in rehab, his inexpensive sexual experience with an unwashed MILF (Monolith I'd Like to Forget), and being caught masturbating in the backseat while his friend was driving. His stories are raw, searingly honest in their attention to detail, and most of all, hilarious.


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