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The OCA Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to the topic of collecting anime on DVD and blu-ray. Episodes originate live on YouTube and can be found on


  • Open Chest Anime Podcast - 02: Revenge of the Ceiling Fan Scorpions

    07/10/2018 Duración: 234h26min

    Welcome to The Open Chest Anime Podcast where we discuss all things related to collecting anime Thanks for watchingSchedule001 Introduction027 2nd scorpion in the ceiling fan story534 Ogys Riff Tracks story738 Anime Book Club941 Anime conventions1205 Weekly pickups3034 Speed Grapher discussion4317 Ichi the Killer4638 Hinako OVAs4757 Taku Sakaguchi movies5256 Sentai LE discussion continues5509 Kickstarter Anime5519 Tohoku Zunko Animation Zunda Horizon5809 Under the Dog5905 Sentai Limited Editions discussion continues10608 Kickstarter Anime list10618 Little Witch Academia10623 Mai Mai Miracle10648 Mind Game10712 NekoPara10724 Mechaude10727 Kodomo no Jikan10733 Skip Beat10741 Riding Bean10743 Escaflowne10751 ChikaChika Idol10820 Santa Company10821 Implosion ZeroDay10824 Otaku no Video10827 Coluboccoro10838 Clannad10930 Bubblegum Crisis10933 Berserk animation issues11349 Copy protection11707 Taboo anime11712 Kodomo no Jikan11854 Mitsudomoe12033 Pedo jokes in anime12035 Debutante Detective Corps12258 Lupin III Far

  • Open Chest Anime Podcast - 01: Rare Anime Sets

    07/10/2018 Duración: 190h09min

    Welcome to The Open Chest Anime Podcast where we discuss all things related to collecting anime Thanks for watchingSchedule If you have any suggestions for additional timestamps please let me know in the comments020 Introductions430 Weekly pickups1833 DCMarvel tangent2308 Podcast name discussion2607 Discussing oversized boxsets3338 Space Adventure Cobra3520 Devilman3703 SlipcoversAnime Sols discussion4203 The evolution of shopping for anime4839 Aniplex rant4938 NIS America story5252 Right Stuf Christmas Sale5446 Cant keep up with premium sets5751 Rare Anime discussion starts5813 Ogys story about Orihime10349 Brick and mortar store tangent10812 Rare Anime discussion continues11140 ImaginAsian Sets12012 Most expensive anime12332 Only YesterdayKikis Delivery Service12626 VHSLaserdisc12809 Nanaka 617 million dollar story12923 Girls und Panzer one dollar story13032 Ogys Toonami Banjo Kazooie story13331 VHS discussion continued13508 ADV Fansubs13535 Filmco13725 Collecting frustrations13734 Falsesense of completion1

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