Dunn And Drew

Recapping the Greatest Game of Our Lives; Super Bowl Cruise vs. Parade; Reading AI Fan Fiction



How many times must we tell you our Super Bowl cruise is in JEOPARDY?!! We discuss solutions if the Jaguars make it. Kings of the Weekend. HIM throw of the Week redemption? Super Wild Card Weekend review; Tony Romo’s love for Josh Allen, Jags miracle win, Daniel Jones hero, Purdy continues his run. Andy’s ChatGPT fan fiction. First time users can download Prize Picks and use our code ‘DunnandDrew’ for a 100% instant deposit match. Subscribe to our Patreon for $5 at Patreon.com/dunnanddrew for a Secret Santa bonus episode and join the Dunn and Drew Discord Community! Text “Podcast” to (386) 204-6499 for Dunn and Drew updates via text. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dunn-and-drew/message