Dunn And Drew

Dead at 33.



Our second to last episode until the cruise! Andy’s barber moves to Seattle and leaves him hanging, we give men's grooming tips. Deciphering where Tony Romo was going with his analysis. NFL Championship Sunday review; Niners don’t pass, Eagles dominate, Chiefs claim underdog mentality, Bengals fold late. The Cincinnati Mayor’s cringe proclamation. Jack chokes. Dunn ponders getting into other sports and Drew is back in his wrestling fandom. First time users can download Prize Picks and use our code ‘DunnandDrew’ for a 100% instant deposit match. Subscribe to our Patreon for $5 at Patreon.com/dunnanddrew for a Secret Santa bonus episode and join the Dunn and Drew Discord Community! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dunn-and-drew/message