Davelle Morrison

What a real estate appraiser thinks you need to know



David Wenger, Certified Residential Appraiser at Ridgepoint Appraisals talks about the importance of doing an appraisal and the different types of appraisals that are out there. Why do banks consider appraisals as an insurance policy? What are the different types of appraisals? Why is it important to disclose about the renovations done on the home, since purchasing it last to the residential appraiser? Which types of improvements done on the home are valuable? Which are non-valuable? What are the major trends in the marketplace right now? How are builders getting priced out of building a new home? Why are more appraisals done by banks these days? What is a drive by appraisal? What are the different things an appraiser could be used for? How are appraisals used by private companies, government and in state settlements?