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I, Tonya Movie Review | Film News Mar. 2018 Podcast | Tripod Talk #31



Here is our movie review for I, Tonya plus all the latest film news and latest ramblings from us on Tripod Talk. We also have some new jingles, we hope you enjoy this podcast episode! THANKS FOR LISTENING! We very much appreciate you clicking on our content and watching/listening to the weird things that we say. Please check out all the other stuff that we do and check out the rest of this description to learn a little more about us! THE SHOW Tripod Talk is the official podcast of WHAT Pictures where we talk all about films. In this weekly web series we talk about a different area of cinema, we debate amongst ourselves for a specific scenario and we also have a quiz where we go head to head to see who is the Tripod Talk champion. We hope you enjoy our ramblings just as much as we do because most of the time we don’t make that much sense! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE? This allows you to keep up to date with everything that we post and helps support us in what we do, which is to produce quality content for you to enjo