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28: Inside the Bridal Suite with Makeup Artist Michelle Clark



Makeup Artist and all-around hilarious and amazing person Michelle Clark came on the show today, not so much to talk about makeup - although we get to that in the lightning round - but more so about what goes on in the bridal suite before the wedding. The makeup artist and the hair stylist are usually the first vendors in the room, so they see the dynamic between the bride and her tribe first-hand. Usually it's a fun festive atmosphere, but sometimes, it can get a little tense.   Michelle Clark in her new office! (image by LiveView Studios)   Michelle and Megan on Recording Day   Makeup Artist Michelle Clark in Action       Makeup Artist Michelle Clark on Social Media: Facebook: @karenmichelleclark Instagram: @kmichelleclark twitter: @kmichelleclark   Weddings for Real on Social Media: Instagram: @weddingsforreal Facebook: @weddingsforreal twitter: @weddingsforreal   If you're a vendor, go get Honeybook! At A Southern Soiree, we’ve been using Honeybook since February 2015. I think we were one of their very