Squad Up!

Let Me See That Thwomp



The Squad is back! This week, Robbie joins Eduardo and Peach3z for an in-depth discussion of SUPER MARIO MAKER 2! But that's not all! •The Nintendo Switch Lite: Probably not for us, but a good idea nonetheless •CUPHEAD is coming to Netflix •Is FORTNITE on its way out? •The human element has invaded MLB: THE SHOW, and Peach3z is NOT having it All that, AND some surprising POKÉMON GO-induced marital drama! If you want to try out some of the levels discussed in today's episode, give the Squad a follow in SUPER MARIO MAKER 2! Eduardo: VR9-581-CPF Peach3z: C3Y-0P6-BVF Robbie: DV0-XH0-FLG Sound Lord, who is not a guest today but writes these notes and can use them for self-promotion if he so chooses: 6C2-QD4-SPF