Squad Up!




It's E3, so that means it's time to gather the squad for a super-sized (and quickly threatening to become regular-sized) episode of Squad Up! Eduardo, Peach3z, and their old pal Chris the Sound Lord are here to talk about what news out of E3 has them hyped, and what news leaves them a little disappointed. In this episode: •Peach3z and Chris spread the good news about KONAMI PIXELPUZZLE •CRYPT OF THE NECRODANCER and CADENCE OF HYRULE discussion gives way to Peach3z marveling at the Nintendo eShop sale •Eduardo wants to give DESTINY 2 another chance •Everyone has finally finished SPIDER-MAN! •BLOODBORNE starring Waluigi? •Everyone wants LUIGI'S MANSION 3 •Chris is still excited for SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 •Eduardo's portable WITCHER 3 dreams are coming true •Chris gets embarrassingly emotional about a cartoon bear and bird joining SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE •CYBERPUNK 2077: Jokes about "Johnny Silverhand" give way to a serious discussion about representation (the squad is nothing if not multi-faceted) •What's Squ