Squad Up!

Super Mario Maker 2: Plumber Death Bucket



The Sound Lord himself, Chris, joins Eduardo and Peach3z this week as the Squad shakes things up by saving the ever-popular "What Have You Been Playing?" segment for the END of the show! First, the Squad discusses the recent Nintendo Direct, share their excitement for "Super Mario Maker 2," discuss the hottest new battle royale: "Tetris 99," pitch a "Metroid" virtual pet mobile game, and talk about why the "Link's Awakening" remake looks great. Then, they veer dangerously close to politics while talking about the latest round of layoffs at Activision Blizzard. Finally, Eduardo and Peach3z talk about their time playing "Apex Legends," while Chris and Eduardo discuss their recent voyage on the "Sea of Thieves" and recount their run-in with the legendary pirate Bedrumbler69.