Pillow Talk

SUPER WOMAN was black... Tru West is in the building!!!!



Milwaukee Royalty in the building!! The lovely, talented and so unique TRU WEST made some time for ya girl!! I drove my ass all the way to Milwaukee Wisconsin to interview the dynamic artist!! We got into her music background and upbringing in the church, she was definetly sneaking to listen to that "pretty ricky". How she didn't think she would even be an artist, all of her talents because she can cook, make clothes do hair and speak in Spanish taking your man with ease lol!!! It's the effortlessly fly shit for me, the fresh baked cookies and the self made message !! Tap in with this amazing artist, the cookies and music are FIRE!!!!  Follow her on IG @officialtruwest now !! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/robin-evette/message