Pillow Talk

Bringing RnB Back THE RIGHT WAY!!!



The beautiful and stylish songstress Tai Mistyque slid through the studio !!! I am a huge fan BTW!! This woman can SANGGG and you know what I mean when I say this. Classically trained in Opera as well as acting ( I can see her doing her hollywood thang fa sho!!!) Ms Mistyque is a true superstar walking amongst peasants lmao!! Her hit "Be without me" is a banger, because let this MEN know what it's like to be without a real woman!!! To her being a Co-Founder of of M&I sounds , the world betta get prepared cause she is NOT LETTING UP!!! Hearing her perform in person is just "chefs Kiss" but it was her cracking the jokes for me that sent me through the roof!! Im a whole groupie now lmao!! Tune in to hear me pull her black card a few times , and her remind us all why believing in yourself is #1 !!  Follow her on IG @tai_mistyque now!!! Check out the live interview on Facebook "pillowtalkpodcast" and youtube "RobinEvette"  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/robin-evette/message