Pillow Talk

Cant be afraid to say how you feel!! "NEECY J" Aint holding nothing back



DMV Artist "Neecy J" made some time on her tour to chop it up with yours truly!! Now please believe me she not only has the flow , looks and appeal of "THAT BIHHH", she's got the brain to match!! With her Masters degree in tact, and a natural jumpshot (POINT GUARD)!!!! This woman can literally take over the WORLD!!!! Her EP SUPA NATURAL is out now!!! Hit after hit im tryna tell yall!! With banger's like "Big Tipper" and "Money Moves" Neecy J lets it be known, you gotta have them DOLLARS CORRECT to even get in her playing field!!  Follow on IG @itsneecyJ and on Apple music and everywhere music is streamed !!!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/robin-evette/message