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150: Turn your service into a money-making digital product, with Christina Scalera



As a wedding pro, you are the expert in your field. You have a knack for creating the most beautiful floral arrangements. You can run through a timeline in your sleep. You have an eye for a moment that others can’t match. Your clients hire you for your expertise. But you’re just one you, and no matter how much you build your team, you can’t reach everyone in the world who craves your knowledge and guidance. So have you thought of digitizing your expertise so you can make income on demand? The Contract Shop's Christina Scalera has, and she's here to give us her tips for how to get it done. Resource Mentioned: to help you nail each and every consult. This episode is also brought to you by The Planner's Vault, my online membership site for wedding planners who are hungry to grow, ready to hustle, and actively seeking community and education. In the vault, there are guest experts on many topics relevant to growing and cultivating a successful event planning business with new content