Weddings For Real

145: How Facebook Groups Can Help You Book More Couples, with Margaux Fraise



When you think about marketing your business with Facebook, most of us look at what kind of content we should be posting, whether or not to boost, whether or not Facebook ads work, and how much live video we should be putting out. But the fundamental goal is getting in front of more couples who need exactly what it is you do, right?  Well, Margaux Fraise is here to tell us that that's exactly what Facebook Groups provide! Course: Accelerate Your Wedding Biz with Facebook Groups (Don't forget to use code WFR37) Wedding Summit Series - Design Edition Margaux's previous appearance on Weddings for Real - Impactful Gifting Strategies This episode is also brought to you by The Planner's Vault, my online membership site for wedding planners who are hungry to grow, ready to hustle, and actively seeking community and education. In the vault, there are guest experts on many topics relevant to growing and cultivating a successful event planning business with new content added consistently, plus all of my templates that