Mario Ashley

Ep10: A Great Marriage is Like a Great Fitness Plan



It requires work, discipline, and constant feedback. Work The couch potato metaphor is used often when explaining the effectiveness of starting any fitness routine. It implies that no one has ever gotten in great shape by sitting on the sofa. It takes work, and it is that work over time that produces amazing results. It must also be challenging. That the at the work that we put in provides a challenge of some kind. It requires us to push beyond the boundaries of comfort but not so much that it destroys us. Improved fitness is weird like that, you have to push yourself harder and put yourself in uncomfortable situations weekly if you want to see results. A great marriage takes work, it doesn’t just happen. Think about it as the work of love. You have to build it from the ground up. From Couch Potato to Runner for marriages. It requires immense discipline to stay on track but if you stay the course your marriage will be fitter and happier for it. Discipline Discipline requires constant effort. From day to d