Pillow Talk

ACTIVISM is so much more than a word... QRI MONTAGUE Embodies BRAVERY



HANDS DOWN one of my best interviews this year!! Atlanta's Queen of media "QRI Montague" gave me so much insight on her world, her battles, struggles and strength. A veteran in the media world, QRI has met and worked with some of the hottest out in music!! Aside from her amazing show "Questions with QRI" featuring random questions sent in for her review and advice, she is a BIG DAWG on the radio waves. What's crazy is that she was working for one of the TOP RADIO stations in ATL and endured something unimaginable... with no support from her job. Her bravery to boycott and bring awareness to the injustices she faced in her profession , to being a leader  for her black people... QRI is truly a legend in the making.  Follow her on IG @questionswithqri now !! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/robin-evette/message