Pillow Talk

PERSERVERANCE is a MUST with Vigilante !!



A bombbbbb ass live interview with the multi-talented actor and musician VIGILANTE !!! This black man has been putting in HELLA WORK and is truly enjoying the fruits of his labor!! Currently in ATL, Vigilante has been featured  on crime doc series, and tv shows all over!! His acting talents and credits are remarkable having worked beside Ice Cube in Barbershop 3!! He's also a talented artist  putting out music and dope visuals like his current single "Fly Away" ft Dondria!!  Vigilante  creates his own opportunities to work with LEGENDS!!! He took some time to  show us a bit of his blue print and mind process while working in this industry. He also has been creating a business to better promote businesses online and how to become verified!! Becoming verified is not only a way to gain exposure, it's a way to gain some consistent MONEY!!! Tune in now and tap in!!! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/robin-evette/message