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Masterclass in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims



In the first episode of our six-part series discussing personal injury and medical negligence claims, experts, David Hossack, Nicola Edgar and Derek Couper will share their experience of the challenges and opportunities most often encountered when acting on behalf of individuals in pursuing claims resulting from injury, misdiagnosis, disease or death. They will also provide an introduction into the range of topics that will be covered in the series over the coming months. The six-part series is aimed at solicitors working in this area of law. It will focus on a variety of topics which are relevant to everyday practice including the key issues a claimant must overcome in order to achieve a successful outcome to their case, the investigation of liability, the most effective ways to quantify losses to ensure no disadvantage is unaccounted for when negotiating appropriate compensation, how best to fund claims, and key lessons in recovering expenses including maximisation of judicial accounts. The impact of COVID-