Dunn And Drew

Dunn Breaks His Curse; NFL Playoff Machine; Trevor Lawrence; Kenny Pickett & MORE!



We're LIT, the Jags sit atop the AFC South. Dunn breaks his curse at road games. We started a fundraiser for Casamigos for the Week 18 tailgate. Quarterly Power Rankings Off the Dome. “HIM” throw of the week from Brazil. NFL Week 16 and MetLife Stadium review. Dunn and Drew Playoff Picture simulator. First time users can download Prize Picks and use our code ‘DunnandDrew’ for a 100% instant deposit match. Subscribe to our Patreon for $5 at Patreon.com/dunnanddrew for a Secret Santa bonus episode and join the Dunn and Drew Discord Community! Text “Podcast” to (386) 204-6499 for Dunn and Drew updates via text. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dunn-and-drew/message