Burning For The Bbc Stud: The Two-book Set

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Melanie has lusted after her sexy black counselor, Pierce, for years, but to him she's just another pretty teenage girl. Then she sees him gangbanging a lady at their religious retreat, and knows just how to get what she wants. She blackmails Pierce into popping her cherry, and realizes it's going to take practice before he can sink that huge bbc shaft deep and take her like they both really want!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"Come on, Melly," Pierce begged, awkwardly patting her shoulder. "You don't really want me. You just think you do because of what you saw. But any other guy would do it better than me, because he wouldn't tear you to pieces."

"I don't want another guy." Angrily she dashed the tears off her cheeks. "A couple of them wanted to do it with me after watching you through the window...and I could have done it then, if that's all I'd wanted. But it's not! I want you!"

God save him from the mysteries of the female mind! "Melly..."

"Do I have to do what Miz Keegan did?" Furious now, she jumped back up, and tore her pretty little blouse off. She was naked underneath, and her small breasts gleamed like pearls beneath the rising moon. "Is this what it takes to make you want me?"

Before he could make a grab for her abandoned shirt, she caught his hand and led it unerringly to her sensitive breasts. The intimate contact made both of them gasp.

"Melly..." His voice rasped as he fought for control. "You don't know what you're asking!"

"Yes, I do!" She pressed both her hands against his to hold it in place.

Oh, God!

Maybe if he just...

No, he was insane for even considering it!

"Melly, put your clothes back on," he ordered. But his voice shook as his rigid shaft began bucking wildly beneath his pants, straining for release. "What if someone sees you like this? It'd be all over town in an instant."

"I don't care!"

"I do."

She stood there trembling for a long, long moment. Then she surprised him again by throwing herself against his broad chest and clinging to him like a burr. Harsh sobs racked her slender body as the tears fell unchecked.

"Melly, Melly!" Helplessly he cradled her in his arms, and wished he could give in to the hot lust raking him with its razor-sharp claws. "Sweetheart, don't."

"You don't want me!" Her voice rose in a miserable wail. "And it's not fair! It's not! I'd do anything to make you happy!"

"I know it. I know." He stroked her slender back a little desperately, and rocked back and forth. Between his thighs, his shaft thrust upward with renewed vigor, screaming to impale itself inside her. "Don't cry now, baby. Please don't!"

What he knew about weeping teenage girls could fit in a thimble. But what he knew about angry townspeople would overflow the vast Sahara Desert...and his blood ran cold when he heard several voices approaching from further down the beach.

"Ah, hell!" There wasn't time to wrestle her blouse back on and stop her tears! In one quick move, he snatched it off the ground, and swept her into his arms. "Hush, now, before you get us both in trouble!" he hissed in her ear, then lurched into the thick underbrush.

Her pale hair would stand out like a lantern, and the big lake would reflect back every sound she made. Panic filled him as he swiftly glanced back and forth.

Under the big bandstand! No one would think to look for them there.