Hoe Begin Ik Met 500 Euro Een Trading-business?

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How do I start a trading business with 500 euros?

Many traders have little money available for trading in the beginning. But this does not have to be an obstacle to considering a trader career. This book is not about how you can turn 500 euros into 500,000 euros. It is precisely the exaggerated return expectations that derail most beginners.

Instead, the author shows in a realistic way how you can become a full-time trader with a small starting capital. And this applies to both traders who want to remain private and those who ultimately want to trade with money from clients.

This book shows step by step how to do that. Moreover, there is a concrete action plan for every step. Anyone can in principle become a trader if he is willing to learn how this business really works.

Table of contents

1. How can I become a trader with 500 euros?

2. How do you get a good routine in trading?

3. Become a disciplined trader!

4. The fairy-tale of compound interest

5. How do you trade a 500-euro account?

6. Social Trading 

7. Talk to a broker 

8. How do you become a professional trader?

9. Trade for a hedge fund?

10. Learn to network!

11. In 7 steps to a professional trader

12. 500 euros is a lot of money.

About the author:

Heikin Ashi Trader is the pseudonym of a trader of Belgian descent. He has more than 16 years of experience in day-trading futures and currencies and specializes in scalping. In addition to his activities as a trader, he has published a number of trading books. Well known is his scalping series: "scalping is fun" and the bestseller: "How do I start a trading business with 500 euros?" This book has been in the top 10 bestseller list of business books on amazon.de for months. It is currently available in German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.