Deflowered By My Futa Doctor

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Harper may be a virgin, but it's not by choice. After 21 years, she's too nervous and too tight to experience sex. Thankfully, Dr. Evelyn Avery knows just how to loosen the girl up. Her extra anatomy makes her the perfect size to break in a sweet young virgin. Can Harper say no to this seductive futanari? She's never been attracted to a woman before, but Dr. Avery makes her pulse race!


The woman must have been standing outside the door to reach her so quickly, or else she just appeared out of thin air. From the enigmatic smile on her rescuer's ruby lips, Harper's not ruling out the latter. The woman's skin is remarkably clear, freshly exfoliated and with very little makeup; her nose is small and turned up with the most delicate and commanding twist. Harper can't tell how much of her eyebrows are real, but they are dark and bold and pointed at the ends. Clear, rimless glasses frame the most striking feature in her oval face: Cinnamon eyes, so bright they sparkle. In the morning's light they appear faintly red, a match for her full, smiling lips.

"You okay now, honey?" she asks. Her voice matches her smile. Low and smooth, it eases round Harper's ears with an effortless friendliness. It reattaches her feet to the ground and gently nudges the last of her dizzy anxiety away.

"I'm fine, really," says Harper. "I just...I got so nervous in there, and..." Words fail her again, but the woman's firm hands give her a reassuring squeeze. Swallowing, the muscles in her throat relax and she lets out a sigh. "I've never done this before," she finishes lamely.

The woman's smile downshifts from its enigmatic brilliance to a softer, compassionate grin. "What, you're not thrilled at the prospect of some stranger poking around in your hoo-ha?"

Harper indulges her with a miserable chuckles. "I know, right? Everyone else must be lining up for the fun."

The woman shakes her head in affectionate commiseration. Her hair is dark, a milk chocolate mix between chestnut and black and done up in a Dutch braid. Her hands are still holding Harper up...but she's surprised to realize she likes that. The firmness of the woman's fingers, the warmth in her palms, helps to balance out the feeling of weightless frailty that's floating in Harper's gut. And this older woman (younger than any of the clinic's staff, Harper thinks, but she must be in her late twenties or early thirties) seems content to hold her until Harper tells her not to. It's at this point that Harper realizes the woman is wearing a white coat with a bronze name tag over her breast. It reads DR. EVELYN AVERY.

"You - you work here!" Harper squeaks.

The woman, Dr. Avery, quickly glances over each shoulder and in a breathless whisper warns Harper, "Don't say it so loud! If they find me out here they're going to make me go back inside and attend to my patients!" She grins at Harper until the girl is giggling in her grasp.

There is a confidence in everything the woman does, Harper realizes. It makes her feel like she's been dropped onto a stage with an actress that will never let her fail. Even in a wet parking lot at ten in the morning, gray clouds just barely rolling back from a cold sun, she feels surrounded by a friendly crowd.

In reality, it's just Dr. Avery's smile that makes her feel warm and protected.

"I'm going to let you go now," she says. "Can you promise me to keep your feet?"