A Week In The Woods With Family: Letters From An Author In Cottage Country

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What happens when five completely mature adults spend a week together at a cottage? No, it’s not the plot of a family comedy, dramedy, or reality show. It’s the situation you’ll see played out before your very eyes in “A Week in the Woods with Family.”

In this intimate portrait of real life events, celebrated author Giselle Renarde pens a fine series of letters home from the woods. Alternating between humorous, heart-wrenching, mundane, mouth-watering, board-gaming, wildlife-spotting and much more, these in-depth communications to her cat-minding sweetheart are part secret confession, part reflection on writing, part letter home from camp.

Join Giselle and her family in the woods as they take to the lake, run from friendly foxes and adjust to one another’s very special quirks. In cottage country, the dull moments are the ones to remember.