Seduced By The Sex Demon - Volume 3: Book 11 Of 'sex Magic'

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Three years ago Tanya made a bargain with the incubus that possessed her step-father: Give up good sex in exchange for Jeff's soul. It was a noble sacrifice but one she soon regretted. Tanya is young and beautiful, and knowing she can never reach climax fills her with lustful obsession. When the demon returns to offer her a new deal, she unwittingly sets down the path of becoming a demon herself!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

I didn't enjoy the demon watching me over my shoulder as I rolled on my deodorant and did my makeup, but he refused to leave. I chose to think of him as a cancer on my soul, a malignant growth that would be my undoing unless I found proper treatment. 

"Just tell me what the deal is," I said. "I know something about how this works. You have to tell me the rules. Mom's spell, or whatever, summoned you. Then you took over Jeff."

"And you sacrificed yourself for him," the demon said. "By the terms of our previous contract I could possess him again. You did, after all, have satisfying sex not once but twice last night."

"You said you'd give me a break," I said.

"Indeed I did," he replied, tracing his talons over the scratches on my neck. "But then you, quite of your own accord, promised yourself to me body and soul."

I didn't remember that, but I didn't remember a lot of things after that epic climax. "So what does that mean?" I demanded. "You can do whatever you want with me?" 

"It means simply that you are my creature. I could toy with you like I did Jeff, exploit your lusts. But then what would I have? One more soul added to my ledger? That would be like throwing Helen of Troy into a harem. Better to raise you up. Better to guide your glorious potential."

A wave of nausea washed over me. It was followed, with no small disorientation, by a foam of fizzling arousal. I rocked against the sink, wracked by the sick realization of my own dark desire. "To guide it to w-what?" I stammered.

"You already know that, strumpet. What have you been doing the past three years but practicing for the role? Seducing men, letting them use you, using them, allowing them to consummate their dirtiest fantasies while you pine for a satisfaction they cannot provide. I am completing your destiny, Tanya. Like a tailor to a beautiful suit, I am refashioning you into something truly magnificent."