Master Emotional Intelligence: How To Analyze People With Dark Psychology, Spartan Self-discipline & Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Develop Unbreakable Emotional Resilience, Reprogram Your Mind And Reach Your Goals

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Do you want to learn a simple formula to have immediate empathy with every person in front of you? What if this same formula would give you the magic of immediately understanding the needs of others leading them easily to do what you want them to do for you?

Our success can be seen from two points of view, our own and that of those looking at us.

Both are fundamental, complementary and mutually reinforcing. While inner success is the result of our intimate experience, the goals we set for ourselves, the way we achieve our goals, as well as our failure to achieve them, clearly determine our inner relationship to success.

But that's not all, our perception of success is amplified by the gratification of being judged as successful figures by others.

You will discover how the result you have worked for, your image, your professionalism, can be enhanced to the highest level and how, at the same time, your audience will recognize your value, support your decisions, acknowledge and applaud your successes.

In this audiobook you will find sound principles on:

-How to take control of your life and thrive by increasing your strength with the right mindset and self-discipline

-Knowing how to increase willpower and become mentally strong,

-Strategies to analyze and prevent people’s actions through body language

-How people assert control over all types of personalities and situations

-The hypnosis techniques people use to influence your thoughts and decisions

-How to identify and defend yourself from cheap manipulators

-Improve social skills achieving success at work and in relationships.

-And much more...

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