Psychological Manipulation: Learn To Manipulate And Influence Human Behaviors - New Techniques For Brainwashing Using Hypnosis, Nlp, And Body Language Reading

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Do you want to learn the powerful art of Psychological Manipulation? Are you struggling with your team or people you are dealing with? No matter how hard you try to influence people for good reasons, you are failing? Don’t worry. For every problem, there is a possible solution. This book is what you are looking for.

Humans are emotional beings and whoever learns how to influence their emotions can learn how to influence people. If you are struggling with your leadership skills and lack influence among people, it’s not a drawback of your personality, it’s a lack of the right knowledge.

This audiobook is packed with the right knowledge for you to learn the art of persuasion.

You'll find all the knowledge you need to be influential among people and to learn the powerful art of persuasion in this book. You will learn the basics of persuasion and advanced techniques like NLP to make you the most influential person in your circle.

The book is full of sound advice and powerful manipulation techniques.

In this book, you will explore the right manipulation and influence strategies including but not limited to the following:

-Introduction to the art of manipulation

-Various types of influence and manipulation

-The core concepts of persuasion and methods

-How to use dark seduction in your life

-Learning about the most Powerful Mind-Power Tool

-How to increase social influence

-Introduction to NLP and its techniques for persuasion

Now if you are ready to learn the art of manipulation and becoming an influential person among people, this book is the best option out there.

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