Love Her Wild: Poems

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The first collection of poetry by the New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Between Stars.

Love Her Wild is a collection of new and beloved poems from Atticus, the young writer who has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of avid followers on his Instagram account @atticuspoetry, including superstars like Karlie Kloss and Shay Mitchell. He was dubbed the “#1 poet to follow” by Teen Vogue and “the world’s most tattoo-able” poet by Galore magazine, in Love Her Wild, Atticus captures what is both raw and relatable about the smallest and the grandest moments in life: the first glimpse of a new love in Paris; skinny dipping on a summer’s night; the irrepressible exuberance of the female spirit; or drinking whiskey in the desert watching the rising sun. With honesty, poignancy, and romantic flair, Atticus distills the most exhilarating highs and the heartbreaking lows of life and love into a few perfectly evocative lines, ensuring that his words will become etched in your mind—and will awaken your sense of adventure.


  • LoveHerWild 001 Open

    Duración: 50s
  • LoveHerWild 002 Love

    Duración: 17s
  • LoveHerWild 003 ThereIsNothingQuite

    Duración: 10s
  • LoveHerWild 004 AsHeTookHerHand

    Duración: 10s
  • LoveHerWild 005 WhenItComesToLove

    Duración: 10s
  • LoveHerWild 006 Love

    Duración: 11s
  • LoveHerWild 007 IllLetYouIntoMyHeart

    Duración: 08s
  • LoveHerWild 008 IThinkItsBeautiful

    Duración: 09s
  • LoveHerWild 009 WeLetOurLives

    Duración: 11s
  • LoveHerWild 010 IWantToBeWithSomone

    Duración: 12s
  • LoveHerWild 011 MyAtoms

    Duración: 08s
  • LoveHerWild 012 TheBeautifulThing

    Duración: 10s
  • LoveHerWild 013 TheresTooMuchRiskInLoving

    Duración: 14s
  • LoveHerWild 014 IPromise

    Duración: 10s
  • LoveHerWild 015 LoveIs

    Duración: 16s
  • LoveHerWild 016 PutAGirlIn

    Duración: 10s
  • LoveHerWild 017 Love

    Duración: 08s
  • LoveHerWild 018 Poetry

    Duración: 15s
  • LoveHerWild 019 IJustNeed

    Duración: 07s
  • LoveHerWild 020 WhenILookAtYou

    Duración: 19s
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