The Second Half Of Marriage: Facing The Eight Challenges Of Every Long-term Marriage [abridged]

  • Autor: David and Claudia Arp
  • Narrador: Claudia Arp
  • Editor: Zondervan
  • Duración: 1:56:20
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The second half of your marriage can be a time of incredible fulfillment. It can be a time of growing together personally, sexually, and spiritually. A time of learning about each other and about God’s long-term plans for your marriage. And a time of building together sharing dreams, making commitments, working toward a more satisfying union. Dave and Claudia Arp discovered the enormous potential of marriage’s second half after dropping their last child off at college. Suddenly, after thirty years of marriage, the Arps were "empty nesters" and they had one important question: "How can we make the second half of our marriage better than the first?" Their search for an answer led them to survey hundreds of couples facing the same life circumstances. What they learned, coupled with their own seasoned insights, can make the difference in your marriage as well. The Second Half of Marriage will challenge you to create a vision for the rest of your life together and inspire you to make that vision a reality. This unique book shows you: Fascinating findings from the Arps’ marriage survey, eight marital challenges that every long-term couple faces, practical strategies to meet each challenge, insightful comments from second-half couples, the revealing testimony of a couple who have creatively mastered the challenges of marriage’s second-half, and exercises to help you apply the principles of this book to your marriage. You’ll learn how to create a marriage that’s partner-focused rather than child-focused. How to rekindle the flames of romance. How to grow closer to each other and to God, serving others together. And still more of the things you’ve wanted most out of your marriage. Filled with personal anecdotes and pithy quotes from other couples and the Arps themselves, The Second Half of Marriage will show you how to make the second part of your journey together the best part yet!