Todd Collins

Talking Team Gary Vee Part 1 - With Jason Morena



Jason Morena started out like many inspiring creators...A camera, a computer, and an imagination. Pre-Covid Jason was traveling all over the world with Gary Vaynerchuk  and D-Rock among others filming, editing, and documenting.  " Things are still the same minus the traveling " said Jason. He has begun his own projects called 123, as well as created the most recent Gary-Vee short films which have become highly successful pieces of content for GV. On top of that he has taken a larger role in GV's Instagram as well as his involvement on Team Gary Vee. This first part of a two part podcast we get into the origin story of Jason as well as some helpful content strategies that may even help some of you. Good news though...We will be back for a Part Two and hell even a Part Three....Ya never know... Please enjoy. Follow Jason on Instagram @jason.morena Twitter- @jasonmorena_ --- Support this podcast: