Malcolm Cox

S2 Ep410: Quiet Time Coaching Episode 410 | “Genesis Generosity” | Malcolm Cox



Introduction God has been focusing my mind and heart on the theme of generosity and gratitude. Today, let me bring you the fruits of the reflection on the funeral of my father-in-law on Monday, combined with teaching about Adam and Eve on Sunday. My father-in-law had many good characteristics, but what stood out to me was his generosity. It seems this was something everyone who knew him noticed. The funeral chapel was packed, including a very large number of ex-work colleagues. At one time he oversaw 500 people in his role at work. Many of those I spoke to said he was the best boss they ever worked for. He was generous with his advice, time and always had a listening ear, even when it was not convenient for him. That generosity drew them to his funeral to express the gratitude. The day before the funeral, I spoke on the relationship between Adam and Eve. How it went from blissful to broken and the implications for male and female relationships ever since. However, although that was the intended focus, it b