Malcolm Cox

S2: Men and Women in Christ | "Adam & Eve" | Malcolm Cox



Our world fractured on many lines: wealth, class, race and ethnicity, religion, age, education 1. It Was Very Good! Gen 1:31 A. Good Creation Humankind made good - not a mistake We have a role B. Role Responsible - jointly Fruitful Rule together No hierarchy C. Generosity of God Creation  Fruitfulness/stewardship Purpose After the ‘big picture’ view of Gen 1, now let’s zoom in on the detail 2. It Was Not Good, Gen 2:18 For Adam to be without a companion A. Helper ‘Eve’ - ‘life’, 3:20 ezer - other references including to God For the work - good work God has in mind for us “…’ezer is a generic term that refers to someone who contributes to completing a task or accomplishing a goal. The objective here is for the ‘ezer to partner in tending the Eden garden. Genesis does not comment one way or another on whether woman is a minor partner (contributing less than Adam), a major partner (contributing more), or an equal partner. Gupta, Nijay K.. Tell Her Story (p. 24). IVP. He is your shield and helper and your