Malcolm Cox

S2: Men and Women in Christ | "1 Corinthians 11 and 14" | Malcolm Cox



Introduction 2 Peter 3:15–16 Some of this material can be triggering because of abuses that happened in our past. This can be the case for both men and for women. Context Corinth: Entrepreneurial; Progressive; Cult of Aphrodite (Goddess of war and fertility); Port city (vice and visitors); Honour/shame; Diverse; Patron/client system. Las Vegas/New York. Aristophanes (c. 450–385 BC.) coined the term korinthiazesthai (“to act like a Corinthian,” i.e., “to commit fornication”) in view of the city’s reputation. Plato used the term “Corinthian girl” as an euphemism for a prostitute. The church: Divided (rich/poor); disorderly - Patron house churches - Chapters 12 and 13 between these instructions - Emphasis on everyone needing one another (12:27-31) - Love one another — be like God. The way we use our gifts is more important than the gifts themselves. The gifts are temporary. Love is permanent. - Gifts are things from God. Love is God’s nature.  1 Cor 11 Summary ‘Head’: Kephale — ‘source’, ‘leader’, or, ‘autho