Malcolm Cox

S2: Men and Women in Christ | David and Abigail | Malcolm Cox



A sermon for the Watford church of Christ Dates: 11thC BC - 'a festive time' Geography: Maon and Perez - Wilderness David's situation in context Samuel dead - his key supporter - King-in-waiting - like Charles Chased by Saul - Wife given away. - Could have killed him (has another opportunity later) - Remaining priest Opening scenes David's men and Nabal, vv4-13 Nabal's servant and Abigail, vv14-19 Abigail's Actions, vv20-31 Abigail  Her courage: An armed militia - in a ravine Humility (vulnerable) Straight-talking explanation: Nabal is a fool, I have a plan Generous Savvy: Up on politics; sling ref; appeals to his conscience; appeals to his godliness God-focus; Prophetic; trust God 2. David's Repentance, vv32-35 QUESTION: What do you see in his character? Recognises God at work Decisive - Instant change in his perspective Humble - it is a woman! Accepts her instruction/teaching and offer. Affirming -- Praises her - credit where due; blesses her; Closing scenes Abigail and Nabal, vv36-