Malcolm Cox

S2 Ep413: Quiet Time Coaching Episode 413 | “God The Gracious Listener” | Malcolm Cox



Introduction Penny gave me a wonderful birthday present. She bought me tickets to something called the Fully Charged Live Show. It's an exhibition all about electric vehicles, sustainable living, alternative energy sources, and the like. It's something I'm interested in out of curiosity, but also because I believe these issues are vital to our responsibility to steward the creation in the way God intended us to. But that's a topic for another day.  A feature of the exhibition was a series of panel discussions focused on topics such as, “Low carbon food, and how to create converts"; How much better can batteries become?; “How to drive and charge as efficiently as possible?" All the talks were excellent, except the final one. That's not because the topic wasn't interesting, nor that the people on the panel were not experts. If it was because one person on the panel had an agenda, and they were going to get it across, whether anybody liked it or not, or whether it connected with the topic or not. This panelli