Eat Your Kimchi

Tattoos in Japan, Oranges in Ehime, the Iron Chef of France and the oldest Onsen



An amazing trip to Ehime province in JapanPlanned to film at a high-end restaurant, but the Chef said they had to see where his produce is grown, to have a better understanding of the foodTravelled with the chef,  Yōsuke Suga; the Iron Chef FranceVisited a citrus farm in Ehime - the oranges were amazingThe area was inspiration for the film “Spirited Away”Martina had a Valencia Orange Latte in a town nearbyThey met a photographer (and coolest guy ever) named YoheHe lives in his van, which is also a photography labVisited Dogo Onsen, the oldest Onsen in Japan with a history stretching back over 1,000 yearsOnsen enthusiasts measure the Ph levels of the water they plan to bathe inPeople with tattoos are not allowed to enter most Onsens