Two Baked Hams With Mike And Jonah

Not Made on this Earth



What do Tom DeLonge, Joe Rogan, Commander Fravor, and Bob Lazar all have in common? UFOs, or known now as, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Your Ham's deep dive into the CIA's recent admission that they have recovered craft "not made on this Earth". They look into the "TicTac" UAP Commander Fravor encountered, as well as the "Gimbal video". They also dig into the identity of Bob Lazar and why he is so important to the UFO/UAP conversation. This is potentially world changing, and the Hams are right here at the forefront. The music for this episode is by #ICYMI #AliensExist #UFO #WeBelieve #BobLazar #Element115 #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion References: Commander Fravor breaking down his “Tic Tac UFO” encounter (start around 20mins) Gimbal Video TicTac UFO Are Aliens Plent