Muladhara - The First Chakra

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With the word Chakra, which derives from Sanskrit and means "wheel", we want to indicate the seven basic centers of energy in the human body. The chakras are centers of subtle psychic energy located along the spine. Each of these centers is connected, at the level of subtle energies, to the main ganglia of the nerves that branch out from the vertebral column. In addition, the chakras are related to the levels of consciousness, to the archetypal elements, to the phases inherent in the development of life, to colors, which are closely related to the Chakras, because they are located outside of our body, but within the aura , that is to say the electromagnetic field that surrounds each person, to the sounds, to the functions of the body and to much, much more. The Eastern doctrine that has spread knowledge in the Western world considers the Chakras as openings, access doors to the essence of the human body. Chakras are usually represented inside a lotus flower, with a variable number of open petals. The open petals represent the chakra in its full opening.

In this first volume (of the seven dedicated to each chakra) we will study in detail Muladhara, the First Chakra, called the base chakra or root chakra, the first of the seven energy centers of our body, located at the base of the spine, in the perineum area. The Muladhara chakra is the foundation and root of the energy system of the chakras, because through it the energy emanating from the earth and from nature is collected and then transformed. It is therefore the foundation of the other chakras, it is the earth in which to anchor the roots and give stability, security and defense. Its main function is survival and the associated keyword: I exist. Next to the analysis of the first chakra, essential oils, Bach flowers, physical exercises and crystals associated with the first chakra will also be examined.