Double Teaming The Forest Ranger: Book 3 Of 'wild Sex At The Religious Retreat'

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Brad and his twin brother, Matt, were looking forward to meeting some horny girls at the annual religious' retreat and banging the daylights out of them. But luck hasn't been on their sideuntil they get lost in the forest and are rescued by a gorgeous raven-haired ranger with a taste for well-built teens and outrageously hot groupsex!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Matt sank down onto a fallen log with a depressed sigh. "This is hopeless. We're never gonna find anyone."

"Who are you trying to find?"

The strange voice made them whip around and gape in stunned surprise. A forest ranger was standing about twenty feet away, watching them through the trees. Wasn't that just their luck.

She sure did fill out that spiffy uniform nice, though!

"You must be with that church group on the other end of the lake," she decided. "You're a long way from home; you've put in a good six miles."

They looked hot, tired, and curiously dejected.

Despite that, they were both pretty darned cute.

"My lookout's not far from here. Why don't I get you something cool to drink before I take you back?"

"Yeah?" They both brightened. "That'd be great, thanks!"

Matt's eyebrows wiggled up and down as he watched her sway ahead of them. Silently he whistled, and hungrily licked his lips. Oh yeah, she filled out that uniform real nice!

Brad blinked at him in surprise. "Are you nuts?" he mouthed, vigorously shaking his head. "She's a grown-up!"

Matt didn't care in the slightest. "She's sexy as hell," he whispered back. "Can you imagine what it would be like to peel her out of that uniform?"

The mental image jolted Brad right down to the core. An instant later, sizzling heat raced through his veins and centered in his aching groin. His long shaft went rock-hard so fast, he had to jam the heel of his hand against it and push it into a better position. He stifled a groan, and hoped she didn't turn around and see the betraying bulge in his jeans.

The ranger lookout towered over the big trees like a slender giant. Way up at the very top was a small single-room enclosure ringed with huge windows. But there was no elevator. The only way up was to climb steps...hundreds and hundreds of steps.

"No wonder you're in such fantastic shape!" Brad blurted, awed. Then he flushed beet-red when she aimed a raised eyebrow in his direction.

"Thank you." She spoke primly, and he felt his spirits plummet. So much for getting on her good side!

Then she grinned, and reached over to ruffle his already-tousled hair. "I'll bet the girls just love you two charmers."

He gulped, and wished he had a magic wand that would instantly make him ten years older. He'd been wishing that a lot lately. "Actually, we haven't been having any luck this week," he admitted with a chagrined sigh. "That's why we went hiking...we were hoping to find some girls who were, well, more friendly."

"Looking to get laid." She cut through his careful evasion with a snorted laugh. "Typical teenagers. Come on, let's get you cooled off and fed."

Matt jabbed his brother in the ribs when she turned to start up the endless levels of steps. "What the hell were you thinking, telling her the truth?"

"It just slipped out," Brad whispered back, and rolled his eyes with embarrassment. "Anyway, she didn't seem to be upset about it."

"Maybe not...but it's not gonna get us into her panties, either." Matt's tongue darted out to wet his bottom lip.