Carter: A Bad Boy Romance

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Ariel can't help but notice Carter, the unbelievably handsome but most unpopular man in her political science class. 

He is outspoken and doesn't care who agrees with him or not. She watches him from afar until one day her friend Tiffany convinces her to come to a rave, where she discovers that Carter is a DJ. He's very popular and extremely talented, and after the party she can't get him out of her head.What she doesn't know is that Carter is called DJ Dayze for a reason; he is a drug dealer. She gets closer to Carter and finds herself falling more and more for him. She attends another rave with her friend Tiffany, hoping to see Carter there, but what she finds shocks her. He is giving her friend drugs.

What will happen when Ariel calls Carter out on it? 

Will they be able to move past his dark habit or will he be able to overcome it so they can be together?