Relaxation And Visualization Techniques: Practical Applications

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Relaxation is a natural condition that owing to stress or excess of activity is often confined to the detriment of our health. The aim of relaxation techniques is to regain and increase our wellbeing, reducing anxiety, stress and all the problems that stem from them. Visualization is a mental technique that has been used for centuries in eastern meditation and that leverages our imaginative potential. When combined, relaxation and visualization techniques can give us great benefits, giving us the opportunity to use all our capacities, overcome our limits, reduce anxiety or stress related illnesses, and promote personal change.

The following is a list of some of the book contents:

• 2 complete and independent relaxation exercises, to start relaxing in no time

• More than 15 guided visualizations to increase wellbeing and promote self-change

• Hints to create yourself your own effective visualizations

• A complete course of Autogenic Training (standard exercises)

• Advanced applications of Autogenic Training (affirmations or self-suggestions)

• Progressive Muscular Relaxation course

• How to use mental techniques for sports and pain management.

Marco Bramucci is a Complementary Medicine operator. He studied Acupuncture and Tuina massage, and has been using Mental Techniques for more than twenty years, especially Autogenic Training, Visualization and Buddhist Meditation. This is his second book after Usa i tuoi Sogni (Use your Dreams), a course in Dreamwork.