4 - Portuguese - Learn Portuguese With Art: Learn How To Describe What You See, With Bilingual Text In English And Portuguese, As You Explore Beautiful Artwork

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- About this series of books:

Learn how to describe what you see, with bilingual text in English Portuguese, as you explore beautiful artwork.

In this series, you will:

  • Discover amazing artworks

  • Learn more vocabulary in a new language

  • Learn how to describe what you see in a new language

  • Use the help of bilingual reading

  • Explore beautiful art in detail

- About this book:

In this book, Number 4, we will explore a beautiful painting by Eduard Magnus entitled: Jenny Lind.

With the help of bilingual text in Portuguese English, we will explore the beautiful details of this work, learning new Portuguese vocabulary in this process.

- See an example:

Os olhos dela são muito claros.

O seu olhar transmite muita calma, faz-nos sentir bem.


Her eyes are very clear.

His look transmits a lot of calm, makes us feel good.

Do you understand these first Portuguese sentences? 

Yes, you do!


Because it was presented to you using a new technique that is making learning languages easier than ever – the Bilingual Reading.

We created this book using this technique so that you can learn Portuguese vocabulary in a fast and fun way and whenever you want.

How does this work? 

It is simple: Bilingual Reading works by reading two versions of the same book or text at once.

One version will be on the language you want to learn (in this case we will help you to learn portuguese vocabulary) and the other version will be in your native language or some other language you are comfortable with – here we will use English.

Using this method, you will quickly start to learn Portuguese for foreigners from basics and learn Portuguese language easy by accumulating vocabulary. 

Learning Portuguese language books (in Portuguese English dual language format) is a process that will soon allow you to read texts that are more complex without having to spend hours and hours looking for every word meaning on a dictionary!

Using this method, you will quickly begin to discover the meaning of words in Portuguese and accumulate vocabulary quickly.

Step by step, with this learn Portuguese book for kids or adults you will see that everyone is memorizing more vocabulary in an easy, fast and fun way. It's a great tool for everyone interested to learn Portuguese language.