Accidental Contract: Book 1 Of 'lust & Monsters'

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When Anna joins her ex-bullies in a summoning ceremony, she doesn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't a cut on her palm and a sexy demon hard on her heels.

He claims to be there to grant her wishes. But at what cost?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

My hand stung where they cut me. Jessica probably didn't mean to cut deep. They had never been malicious before. They taunted and teased and deeply inconvenienced, but they had never hurt me physically. Not until today.

Jessica had gotten worse. A small voice in my head warned me that I needed to fight back or it will just get worse. It was just an accident, another voice whispered. And she apologized, didn't she?

I unclenched my fist and flinched at the amount of blood that was there. The last thing I needed was an infection.

I reached for the sink, hoping to wash off the blood and access the damage. It didn't hurt too much. Probably just a flesh wound.

A dark chuckle vibrating through the room made me stop short. "Poor baby. Let me take care of that for you, hmm?"

Before I could draw in the breath to scream, a hard hand wrapped itself around my wrist and pulled me into a naked, hot chest. There was nobody else when I came in here!

Exhaling sharply, I looked up at my captor. His eyes were fully dark, not a hint of white to counter the abyss of his. My heart stopped. He was beautiful in the most horrifying way.

I wanted to scream, but that was impossible to do without breathing and I couldn't do that either. Not with him so close to me. Touching me.

He tilted his head as he examined my cut carefully, almost marveling at the way the blood trickled down my wrist.

"So red. So alive. So human," he hissed. His voice trembled, rumbling through his chest and to my body. I pulled back and he wrapped his free hand around my waist to keep me pinned. He was neither muscular nor thin, but he held me with a grip that felt completely permanent. My lungs were screaming for air and yet still I couldn't inhale.

His skin was so pale it was ashen and on his head were the giant horns that I had seen in the mirror. He gave me a devilish grin, showing off his sharp fangs before flickering his tongue delicately up my wrist, tasting the blood and licking his lips. Still staring at me, he licked around the wound.

I gasped, feeling as if flames licked against my skin, but instead of pain, it was almost pleasant. The odd sensation went from my skin down my body, warming me with its incredible heat.

His sharp fangs shone when he smirked down at my awestruck face. He pressed my palm against his lips. "There, isn't that better?" he purred, kissing the cut that was no longer there.

His hold on my waist tightened and he dropped my hand to curl his fingers into my hair. He pulled me closer to him, as if we weren't completely molded together already.

"Remember to breathe, human," he murmured.